Late BAS and tax return specialists…

  • Bookkeeping from $38 p/h (inc GST) | or from $99 p/m (fixed fee)

  • Can you help me with Late or Multiple year Bookkeeping or BAS returns?

    Yes, TaxEazy can help you prepare and lodge all your Late or Multiple BAS returns generally in the one appointment.

  • Are there penalties for late or prior BAS returns?

    If you have Late or multiple year tax return outstanding, or you have a ‘failure to lodge’ penalty that is issued by the Australian Taxation Office, we can help at TaxEazy. At TaxEazy we have successfully applied for remissions for hundreds of clients, for fines from $250 to over a $100,000.

  • Do you require payment upfront?

    No, we can put you on a payment plan or you can pay upfront or we can collect our fee from your tax refund (if applicable).

  • Do you require all my payment summaries and receipts?

    No, we can collect all your information from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or from Bank Statements. The ATO collect information about your income from banks, employers, centerlink, etc. Furthermore, there are some deductions we can cliam without receipts.e.g motor vehicle expenses, home office expenses, etc, etc, We can then match this information with the ATO to help you lodge your Late or Multiple year BAS returns.

  • Can you speak to the ATO on my belhalf?

    Yes, will will let the ATO knom we are preparing your BAS & Tax and to call TaxEazy from now on.

Why so many are turning to Tax Eazy…

  • We specialise in Late BAS & Tax returns

    No matter how far behind you are, we can help.

  • FREE initial consultation

    We understand that sometimes you would like to know a little more before starting, so we are happy to provide a free initial consultation and answer any questions you may have.

  • Expert Accountants that make the process Eazy

    We’ll help you at every step and provide advice so you’re not on your own.

  • Great Advice!

    Knowing where to start and what to do are always important. We can advise on all options and get you back on track.

  • 1 on 1 Support

    Deal directly with an expert bookkeeper & accountant.

  • Late or Prior Year BAS & Tax Return (Lodge 2001 to 2016 Tax return)

    If you have one or multiple years, we can help lodge all your BAS & tax requirements.

Individual Tax Returns