Individual Tax Returns

If you have LATE TAX & BAS returns dating back 20 years or just a few months…we can help.

No matter how late your tax returns and what you do or don’t have in regards to records, we can get you back on track. We have experienced accountants that specialise in late tax returns and bookkeeping for Individuals and Small Business, we can guide you step by step and answer any of your questions.

Standard Tax Return Includes…

Unlimited Certificates/Payment Summaries
Unlimited Allowances
• Unlimited Government Payments
• Unlimited Centerlink- Newstart, Sickness Allowances, Pensions
• Unlimited bank account interest
• Unlimited dividend company shares

• Unlimited Donations/Gifts
Unlimited Last year’s Tax Agent fee
• Unlimited, work related clothing for example (purchased uniform, Laundry, boots etc.)
• Unlimited work related expenses for example (Union fees, Seminars, Books & Journals, Repairs & Maintenance, Tools & Equipment (Unlimited under $300 each), Newspaper, Mobile Phone, Subscriptions, Printing & Stationery)

• 1 on 1 Support

• Up to 1 hr Consultation

• Late or Prior Year Tax Return (Lodge 1996 to 2015 Tax return)

• General Tax Advice

*Please Note Additional Charges Apply:
Fee from Refund $22,
For tax return offsets, rental properties, motor vehicle expenses, depreciation expenses, home office expenses, business income and will vary based on your individual level of tax complexity. 

Individual Tax Returns