Simply choose how you would like to do your tax…

Here’s what you’ll receive with all Individual Tax Returns…

Unlimited Group Certificates/Payment Summarie
Unlimited Allowances
• Unlimited Government Payments
• Unlimited Centerlink- Newstart, Sickness Allowances, Pensions
• Unlimited bank account interest
• Unlimited dividend company shares

• Unlimited Donations/Gifts
Unlimited Tax Agent fee
• Unlimited, work related clothing for example (purchased uniform, Laundry, boots etc.)
• Unlimited work related expenses (Union fees, Seminars, Books & Journals, Repairs & Maintenance, Tools & Equipment (Unlimited under $300 each), Newspaper, Mobile Phone, Subscriptions, Printing & Stationery)

• 1 on 1 Support

• Up to 1 hr Consultation

• Late or Prior Year Tax Return (Lodge 1996 to 2015 Tax return)

• General Tax Advice

*Please Note Additional Charges Apply:
Fee from Refund $22,
For tax return offsets, rental properties, motor vehicle expenses, depreciation expenses, home office expenses, business income and will vary based on your individual level of tax complexity.